The best methods of teeth whitening dentistry

Today the procedure of teeth whitening is very popular. Holders of snow-white smile can communicate freely, which attracts the attention of others. Usually the natural color of teeth is far from perfect – their hue depends on the availability of pigment, just like hair and skin. Over time, they may darken more under the influence of coffee, tea or nicotine. The smile was pure white, there is a cosmetic tooth whitening.

teeth whitening

You can come to the dental clinic, see the services price and ask what teeth whitening the most effective, according to the experts? Answers to this question can be very different, and consensus in a professional environment simply does not exist. Dentistry designed different effective techniques that whiten your teeth based on completely different technologies. But in this article we will try to answer the question of what teeth whitening is better?

Review of the best technology for bleaching

If you go to the dentist, you can choose several methods of whitening. Each of them has its pros and cons. To make it easier to determine the procedure that brings the least harm, be sure to read the main types of teeth whitening. The most popular and effective are now considered to the following procedure.

Technology Air Flow

Modern methods of teeth whitening can be safe. This technology ensures a gentle and effective effects without the harsh chemicals. Using the whitening, air flow can significantly change the color of the tooth enamel. The essence of the procedure is to restore the natural tone of enamel by treatment with a jet of fine powder silica and soda. Because this will effectively remove even the stubborn plaque and the teeth become noticeably brighter.

The air flow is considered to be the safest way to lighten the natural tooth enamel, but there are some contraindications to the procedure. These include asthma, bronchitis, salt-free diet, and allergic reaction to citrus fruits. Because this procedure is essentially a dental cleaning, the cost of the bleaching method, the Air Flow is minimal compared to the following methods.

Laser whitening

Laser whitening teeth – a unique treatment made with the help of UV spectrum. The best part of this technique is that it not only restores the natural color of teeth, but has antibacterial effect, becoming an excellent prevention of dental caries. Professional laser whitening removes age changes in enamel color, which is beyond all techniques. He also has the following advantages:

  • the procedure only adds to the effect of the previous;
  • the perfect painless;
  • suitable for sensitive teeth;
  • remove all kinds of stains, age tobacco.

It is quite simple. Teeth special gel bleach. Trained him, laser to activate the whitening properties. The procedure lasts a very long time, it is very effective and gives excellent results. How much is to whiten teeth laser dentist? The high price is the main drawback of the procedure.

Technology ZOOM 3

Methods of teeth whitening are numerous, but this technique has recently gained special popularity. The main bleaching agent used in the gel. In fact, it is quite aggressive and does not affect the acid-alkaline balance in the mouth. On the contrary, it will be beneficial, because it consists of fine-grained phosphate and calcium, which strengthens tooth enamel.

Gel to guide light rays, which promote the release of oxygen molecules, their penetration into the deeper layers. As a result, to remove even the toughest stains. The advantages of this procedure is numerous enough.

  • Easy to remove all the stains formed as a result of Smoking, frequent consumption of coffee or age.
  • If you do not follow the recommendations of experts, bleached the result is stored for a long time.
  • Virtually no contraindications. These are just a cancer. Requirements are minimal – the lack of Tartar and regular re-organisation of the oral cavity.
  • Bleach is very soft, therefore, resort to this procedure it is possible to also sensitive teeth.
whitening methods

The cost of teeth whitening for some, it may seem quite high. The price can vary depending on the region and the hospital, to which you have applied. You can buy the ZOOM kit for home use, save a little, but the bleaching in the clinic is always more efficient.

If you want to smile, but are afraid to do damage to the enamel, choose a professional teeth whitening. Experts based on your individual circumstances, you can choose the best method. Be sure to weigh all the pros and cons, ask about possible consequences, and only then accept the procedure.

When is it recommended to do the bleaching?

As such, no medical indication whitening does not exist. It is only a cosmetic procedure, which applies to the field of aesthetic dentistry. Sometimes, however, effective teeth whitening to significantly improve the quality of life, gives self-confidence, which allows you to smile openly. It is possible to recommend to use the whitening in the following cases.

  1. Darkening of the enamel under the action of food dyes and other substances. Which method is the best to cope with the strong enamel coating, you can advise a dentist.
  2. There is such a thing as a "special teeth". If the period of tooth formation at the same time to the antibiotic tetracycline, enamel has a characteristic dark color.
  3. Sometimes, the enamel loses its; can no precipitation, increased concentration of fluoride in drinking water.
  4. Some people have the natural color of the tooth enamel is far from ideal. In this case, it is possible to perform bleaching, but be sure to consider all the features of the procedures and possible consequences. For sensitive teeth it can cause damage to tooth enamel and thinning.

How much teeth whitening dental? The price range is quite wide and depends not only on the techniques and drugs, but also their own region, as well as the cost of the clinic itself. Therefore, the cost is better to check with a specialist, which you have decided to apply.


There are different methods of teeth whitening teeth. Some of them are considered perfectly safe, others can aggravate the enamel, so be sure to check the expert's presence only after a certain procedure. In general, it is possible to allocate following contra-indications.

  • It is not recommended to resort to such procedures during pregnancy and lactation.
  • The other figure which the active substance is present in the composition of whitening, eliminate the possibility of allergies.
  • In any case, do not resort to bleaching diseases of the mucous membranes of the mouth and gums, and inflammation of the periodontium.
  • If you have a camera, there is a risk to burn the fabric.
  • Bleaching is not carried out in accordance with the boards.
  • Better not to bleach, if the front teeth are fillings – the color turned out uneven.
  • Hypersensitivity to the teeth.
  • Weak enamel, its increased wear.
  • Cracks on the teeth.
  • 18-year-old.
  • Cancer.

Remember to evaluate all the pros and cons, consult with a specialist, you can find pros and cons of teeth whitening. If you want to, that smile is not only white, but also healthy, you should carefully approach the selection procedure. And let it the price is slightly higher. Overpaying now, in the future, you can save other medical procedures.

The possible consequences

Cons there is almost any method of bleaching. If we talk about the procedures, which contain aggressive substances are effective even against resistant pigment, it is not excluded unwanted effects.

  1. The effect of "bleaching". If too high concentrations of the drugs or individual characteristics of the enamel, after treatment can be a not good and loses its luster.
  2. Demineralization. Simultaneously with the destruction of the dark pigment occurs, and the loss of useful minerals, which leads to faster tooth decay.
  3. Growth sensitivity. The tooth is sensitive to cold, hot, sweet, sour or mechanical effect.

To minimize unpleasant consequences, a soft brush, carefully observe the hygiene of the oral cavity and do not forget to floss. Buy a specialized tooth paste. Its price can be much higher than usually use, but after a while bleaching the teeth in need of strengthening and rehabilitation.

as a result

In any case, it is important to ensure that the teeth quality care, less dyes, so you do not need to once again resort to bleaching. Now you know what the procedure is now popular, how much does it cost to whiten your teeth, but also check out the contraindications and the possible consequences. Finally, we offer you to hear the opinion of a professional dentist.